Hello World…

Well… I’ve done it. I started writing a blog. I don’t know why I’m doing it now, anymore than I know why I never did it before. I only know that now the words are coming, and I have to write them down- because I’m so amazed that they’re returning to me… amazed and totally, completely, grateful. I was almost beginning to think I wasn’t a writer anymore. My thoughts have been jumbled, to say the least- thick and fibrous, tangled and confused- impossible to separate. They’ve been like a tumbleweed running back and forth through my head- and dry as the desert too. I am hoping this is a good place to pull my thoughts out again, make them straight lines again, get them out again. Holding them in was starting to make me sick, quite frankly.

I want this blog to be a safe place, a place that’s mine, a place that’s free- because I think that I’ve been a little trapped in my life lately- which is the direct cause of the words being trapped in my head. So we’ll see, won’t we? Here we go… welcome to My Plus Size Life…

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