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The McNeal Love Stories. Four sisters, four sweet and spicy love stories.

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My latest romantic novella series has begun… Meet The Royals!

Hooked on Your LoveAvailable Now!

Natasha Royal is General Manager of the Royal Hotel brand and although she has plenty of work to do, she’s also sorely in need of relaxation. So she’s spending a month in Narragansett, RI, supervising the opening of a brand new Royal Hotel, and hoping to kill two birds with one stone. She even has her best friends Carly and Luchi with her for backup and support. She meets Noah Lockhart, an arrogant distraction and her new contractor. And as much as his smug attitude grates on her nerves, she can’t resist the command Noah has over her mind… and body.

Until You Come Back To Me- Coming Christmas 2022

Renee Royal is the Food and Beverage Director for the Royal Hotel brand, as well as acting head chef for their flagship location in New York. She’s also been in love with Dawson Hayes for the last five years. And she’s been catching flights and showing her feelings ever since he left for Europe to pursue his own culinary dreams. But three years have passed and she’s tired of the long distance, so she gives Dawson an ultimatum: either they can make it work in the same place, or she’s finally walking away. 

Don’t Play That Song- Coming Valentine’s Day, 2023

Tamika Royal is the quiet, organized, number crunching Financial Director who makes sure the Royal Brand stays firmly in the black, but her true passion is singing. She longs for the day when she can pursue her dream without the fear of failing, or letting her family down. Jackson Porter is a songwriter/ producer hiding out at the Royal, trying to work without interruptions. But Tamika proves to be the best kind of distraction. 

I Never Loved A Man- Coming May 2023

Amani Royal is all about decadence, and as the Personnel and Guest Services Director for the brand, she is devoted to making sure that the service and amenities at Royal Hotels outmatch anything you’d get anywhere else. She has no need for a man outside of the good time he can provide, and she wants to keep it that way. But when she partners with Kalif Patterson to bring his spa experience and lifestyle brand to the hotels, all the rules change.

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